The willingness to find out an apartment


Park is from New Zealand and working as the ALT/ English teacher at junior school and high school. She’s been living in Japan but the moving was her fist time experience in Japan.

For foreigners, the moving in Japan is a quite difficult because of language barrier.
In Japan lots of the estate agency staff speaks only Japanese even in Tokyo.

Bad communication causes the bad results.

If you can’t speak Japanese well, the moving in Japan might be tough.
Your request can’t be understood by the estate agency staff.
The estate agency staff give up hearing your needs because they can’t understand your language.

As the results, you might have to put up with the small share house?

Park came to RENTOKYO office.
She knew our service as her friend had sent RENTOKYO the inquiry about moving in Tokyo.
She found out good apartment at Suginami-ku and really satisfied her new apartment.

She can go to her job by just 1 train, don’t need to change the train.
It takes 30 minutes or so from her apartment to her working place.

“RENTOKYO staff was amazing willingness to find me a place and easy communication!”(Park)

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