Real Estate Japan – Meguro Information


When you look for an apartment in Japan, what do you do at first?

Probably you might not go to a real estate agency. (Of course, if you do so, I could say to you ’Welcome!’)

Most of people should check a website with your criteria for the apartment you would like to move in. (e.g. Where would you like to live and so on).

In Japan “SUUMO” by Recruit and HOME’S by Lifull is poplar web site to look for an apartment.

If you can read Japanese they are completely OK for you, however if you can’t read Japanese at all, how do you look for an apartment?

We found a great web site! You can search an apartment by English and Chinese. (Of course, you can find our property, if you find them, welcome again.)

Moreover the website has not only the searching apartment function but also lots of information in Tokyo.

We found the information about Meguro ward where our office is.

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