1.Fundamental Principles Regarding the Protection of Personal Information

This company acquire and utilize customer’s personal information including full name, address, phone number and e-mail address to provide the service. This company is dedicated to paying strict attention to protect these customer’s information (hereafter referred to as “personal information”) and handle personal information with following regulations.

1-1. We appropriately handle personal information in accordance with laws and ordinances applied to personal information and customs generally recognized as fair and proper.
1-2.We keep every employee informed and fully understood about the regulations about personal information, and offer business connections to handle the information properly.
1-3.About the acquisition of personal information, we specify and inform the purpose of using personal information, and we utilize it only for the purpose.
1-4.We properly manage with measures in need to ensure that personal information is not lost, leaked or destroyed/
1-5.If a request for changing or deleting personal information is received from customer, we sincerely cope with it and the data may be amended, changed, deleted or stopped upon confirmation from the customer.


1-2. 個人情報の取り扱いに関する規程を明確にし、従業者へ周知徹底します。また、取引先等に対しても適切に個人情報を取り扱うように要請します。
1-3. 個人情報の取得に際しては、利用目的を特定して通知又は公表し、その利用目的に従って個人情報を取り扱います。
1-5. 保有する個人情報について、お客様本人からの開示、訂正、削除、利用停止の依頼を所定の窓口でお受けして、誠意をもって対応します。

2.The Purpose of Utilization

・to confirm your request, to send invitation and make contact
・for application and lease agreement
・to provide services and products incidental to move-in and out (such as fire insurance and other requested services)
・to provide service requested by a borrower (including borrower agent) (such as collecting rent and manage a building) and updating the contract
・customer support; we offer a personal information whose applied for contract or other services to borrower including borrower agent (to obtain consent) and business carriers who provide services and products. Depending on the service customer request, we provide personal information to credit research company, credit company and financial institution. We provide them information about joint surety and lodger written on the application.
・for other purpose individually agreed by the customer

2. 個人情報の利用目的

• お部屋探し及び収益物件の希望確認、案内、連絡
• 入居申込、賃貸借契約の手続き
• 入退去に付帯する商品・サービスの提供(火災保険の手続き 等 ご希望されるサービス)
• 貸主様(貸主代理を含む)から依頼された管理業務の実施(家賃集金、建物管理 等)および賃貸借契約更新の手続き
• お客様からのお問合せ対応 当社では、入居申込や各種商品・サービスの利用を申込(申込書記載等)いただいたお客様の個人情報を、入居の承諾を得るために貸主様(貸主代理を含む)および各種商品・サービス提供を行なう事業者に提供します。尚、ご希望されるサービスによっては信用調査会社・信販会社・金融機関に提供します。申込書に記載された連帯保証人・同居の方の個人情報もあわせて提供いたします。
• 上記の他、お客様から個別に承諾を得た目的

3.Distribution of Personal Information to Third Party

Excepting in the case written in 2.The purpose of utilization and in the following cases, personal information shall not be disclosed or distributed to a third party.

3-1.When the customer gives their consent
3-2.When disclosing information in a way that individual customers cannot be indentified such as for statistic data
3-3.When stated by law
3-4.when it is necessity to protect a person’s life, person or property and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of customer
3-5.When requested to disclose information for public work by government or public organization and when obtainment the consent can be an obstacle to carry it out.
3-6.When provide it to person mentioned in “4. Depositing of Personal Information”


当社は、「2. 個人情報の預託」に記載した外部委託先への提供の場合及び以下のいずれかに該当する場合を除き、個人情報を第三者へ開示又は提供しません。

3-1. お客様ご本人の同意がある場合
3-2. 統計的なデータなど本人を識別することができない状態で開示・提供する場合
3-3. 法令に基づき開示・提供を求められた場合
3-4. 人の生命、身体又は財産の保護のために必要な場合であって、お客様の同意を得ることが困難である場合
3-5. 国又は地方公共団体等が公的な事務を実施するうえで、協力する必要がある場合であって、お客様の同意を得ることにより当該事務の遂行に支障を及ぼす恐れがある場合
3-6. 次項4. に掲げる者に対して提供する場合

4. Depositing of Personal Information

We outsource handling personal information in order to have dealings with customers and provide service. When we outsource it, we enter into a contract and examine the situation to ensure the appropriate utilization.

4. 個人情報の預託


5.Distribution of Personal Information

When a customer request his own information to be disclosed, the information may be disclosed with confirmation of identity, in a reasonable scope and period.

5. 開示


6.Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

When a customer requests his own information to be corrected or deleted, with a confirmation of identity, when the information is found to be incorrect, the information may be corrected, added or deleted in a reasonable scope and period.


7.Suspension and Deletion of Use of personal Information

When customer request suspension and deletion of use of his own information, upon confirmation of identity, the information use may be suspended or deleted in a reasonable scope and period. If all or a part of the information is deleted, we might not able to provide service meeting customer’s request. Also we might not able to meet a request to delete the information we hold based on the related laws.



8.Customer Support for Personal Information

Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information written in article 5.6.7. are accepted in following ways.

8. 開示等の受付方法・窓口

当社の保有個人データに関する、上記 5. 6. 7. のお申し出及びその他の個人情報に関するお問い合わせは、以下の方法にて受け付けます。なお、この受付方法によらない開示等の求めには応じられない場合がありますので、ご了承ください。

You can inquire by visiting the customer center below, send via post or e-mail. Detail information of procedure will be informed when you apply. After identity confirmed, you will get a response or documents needed.


For inquiry of disclosure, you’ll have to pay a fee of 3,000yen tax included by cash or other payment options.
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