We have several processes to rent apartments in Japan. We introduce the general process.

1. Searching

Based on the client preference and condition, we starts to search foreign friendly and available apartment / house and provide those information to you.

2. Viewing

Before issuing the application, we would better view the apartment / house. Sometimes there are discrepancies between the drawing and as it is.

3. Application

Basically a document stating intent to contract a lease. Any requests related to the property must be submitted at this time and will be considered by the owner. Requests typically include minor maintenance or renovation work, the addition of various fixtures, cable or satellite TV.

4. Approval process

Usually 1-2 weeks after issuing the application. If “accepted”- move on to draft contract. If declined – continue to search.
Note: Landlords may “accept” under certain conditions, meaning the elimination or reduction of requests.

5. Draft Contract

Generally prepared in Japanese . RENTOKYO staff will review the lease terms.


6. Final Contract

Once agreed, an contract is made. There can be no further negotiation at this stage. All fees become due and payable before the lease start date. Landlord’s will never turn over a property before receiving all payment.