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Renting an apartment in Tokyo can be difficult. We are here to make your search fun and easy.

We are Japan-based, English speaking, Real Estate professionals

We have lots of experience in the real estate industry and working closely with the foreign community.

You’re invited to come to our office to talk about the kind of apartment you’re looking for

Then leave the rest to us. We will find a place that’s just right for you.


We are very sorry, but this service has been suspended.
We will report on this website when the time for resumption is reached.

We are available and ready to help our friends in the foreign community.
Some of the ways we can assist you are;

So, if you’re looking for a conveniently located downtown apartment or a house for you and your family, let us make it easy for you.

Free consultation by English speaking staff and quick + friendly response through chatting / email / call

Wide area coverage of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, and all budget range

Search from urban modern condominium to traditional authentic house and offer only foreign friendly property

How to rent the place here in Japan

Renting an apartment in Tokyo can be difficult.
It is not easy to find the place in Japan. Here are some tips for you.

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Here is our real customers from various countries